BIGF Method

BIGF Method

Why did you create the BIGF?

After I sold my coworking business I got tired of not coming up with enough ideas to build new businesses and create sources of revenue that would allow me to be more time and financially independent. I got tired of thinking and not doing. I was sure that somebody must have been in my position before and created a method to help me.

I was wrong.

All I could find where methods for teams in companies. There was nothing for entrepreneurs that wanted to work for themselves on the ideas. Teams and cofounders can come up later, but first I wanted to have the ideas.

I’m solutions oriented, so I decided to work on it myself and share it with the world to help others that find themselves in my position. This is a tool I’ve built with research, practice and common sense.

The result is this framework (the BIGF Method), which I keep on using and hopefully will be improved with your feedback. Reach out to me with your ideas for improvement!