BIGF Method

BIGF Method


Welcome to the Business Idea Generation Framework. This is a tool to help you come up with business ideas worthy of your time, which I won’t waste with long and winding texts.

This ideation journey is of creativity and at the same time of decision taking. You will discover that you have a lot more ideas in you than you ever thought and you will have a spreadsheet to order them and to choose which ones to take action on.  All your ideas will be kept here for the future so that you can go back and reevaluate them or get some inspiration for a new idea generation sprint.

The BIGF method is built on questions. You come up with the answers that are relevant to you. Don’t waste time overthinking them and answer them as fast as you can. If any of your answers does not feel right, come back to them and change them.

Remember that any tool (including this framework) has to work for you, not you for it. Don’t ever feel obliged to do what I propose if you don’t want to. Move on and come back to it whenever you feel is the right moment.

I will be sharing some core personal beliefs about myself and the world to help you with yours. What matters is not the handwriting, the wording, nor the content. What matters is that it is true and it can be helpful. Please do not share them nor criticize them. Our goal here is not to start forum to discuss myself. Our goal is to help you come up with more business ideas.

Lets get on with it and work on coming up with your next big fricking business idea.