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Are you struggling to generate business ideas? - Business Idea Generation Framework: the BIGF Method

Are you struggling to generate business ideas?

Come up with too many ideas to implement with the BIGF Method

My name is Ramon Suarez, and I’ve been in your shoes.

Being an entrepreneur is exhausting. I’ve spent years struggling to find great ideas to implement as new businesses and sources of revenue. When you struggle for long enough, the end of the road can seem impossibly far.

Eventually, I got tired of not being able to generate business ideas: I was tired of thinking and not doing.

So, I started searching for help.

All I could find online were methods for company teams. I couldn’t find anything specifically for solo entrepreneurs like me who wanted to come up with big freaking ideas themselves to create new startups and to generate income. I decided to document my journey and use it to create the missing method myself.

The BIGF Method is built on questions that you don’t have to overthink. I provide you with a list of 50 questions to start with and help you come up with your own so that you can start compiling your new ideas right away.

To work with your ideas you get a spreadsheet I created that helps you decide which ones to work on, to invest in, to research further and to drop. The tabs are filled automatically, but you still have to come up with the ideas yourself.

Categories of ideas in the BIGF Sheet

Come up with too many ideas

In my first sprint using the BIGF Method I came up with 145 ideas, then I added 40 more in a few hours – and they just keep on coming even when I’m not trying. Too many to implement, not too many to have: you want to continue your creative journey throughout your life.

What I’m doing with these new business ideas is implementing the best of them in my own explore and exploit journey to create new businesses and sources of revenue. Are you ready to do the same? Invest in Yourself And Your Ideas. Sign up today!