Want to Find Your Next BIG idea?

Generate Business Ideas with the BIGF Method!


Being an entrepreneur is exhausting. Trust me, I would know – I’ve spent years struggling to find that “one great idea.” When you struggle for long enough, the end of the road can seem impossibly far. It’s all about being “creative on cue,” which I always found to be challenging.

My name is Ramon Suarez, and I’ve been in your shoes.

Idea generation can be very challenging. It’s about reaching your flow state, where you’re “on a roll,” but getting there is the hard part. I know how tough it can be to launch a new business project or side hustle. You feel like you’ll never get anywhere, and you’re quickly running out of hope. Again, I’ve been there! No matter how hard I tried, I always came out with nothing.

But – here’s the thing. Eventually, I got tired of not being able to generate business ideas. I craved financial independence and needed to develop new sources of revenue that would buy me freedom. Ultimately, I was tired of thinking and not doing.

So, I started searching for help.

After all, someone, somewhere, must be in the same position as me. Surely, someone must have created a method to help people like me in situations like these? Right?

Nope – I was wrong.

All I could find online were methods for company teams. I couldn’t find anything specifically for solo entrepreneurs like me who wanted to come up with ideas themselves. Sure, I’d need a team later on, but at the time, all I needed was that one great idea.

As a solutions-oriented guy, I was sick of not being able to hit the jackpot. So, I made it the solution on my own. I have built a tool backed by research, practice, pragmatism, and common sense.

Today, I am proud to be able to share my creation with the world, helping entrepreneurs worldwide nurture their ideas and thrive – just like I’m doing. So, without further ado, let’s talk more about, well, what I’ve been talking about!



The BIGF (Business Idea Generation Framework) Method is a tool  that I continue using today, helping solo entrepreneurs and side hustlers come up with incredible ideas. Finding the idea is only half the story. Proper implementation is the only way and to create new sources of income revenue (and JOY and satisfaction!) but you still need that initial idea to move onto the implementation stage.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs find their next big freaking idea (BIGF Idea, get it?) with this Business Idea Generation Framework Method. You’ll be bursting with great ideas once you’re done – but you must be willing to put in the work.

In fact, with my first sprint, I walked away with a whopping 145 ideas, then I added 40 more in a few hours – and they just keep on coming even when I’m not trying.

Invest in Yourself

And Your Ideas

By signing up and committing to doing the work, you will walk away with a wealth of ideas – one of which is bound to be your next big freaking idea.

With the BIGF Method, I want to help you commit to and invest in yourself by bringing your greatest ideas to life – even if you don’t know they exist yet. The BIGF Method won’t take much of your time each day. In fact, you can dedicate just a few minutes to the method daily. Once you start, the ideas won’t stop flowing, and your ideation journey WILL last a lifetime ☺

Excited? You should be. I’ll be ready when you are.